Why Younger Women Love Being a Mistress

There’s good news out there for older, married men who want to get back in the dating game: young women love being a mistress more than they love being a wife these days. If you know who you want to keep on the side it pays to know how she feels about things so you can cater to her desires. Sure, not every single woman is going to feel these exact same ways about things, but there’s a good chance that she’s going to have at least some of these points in her arsenal for why she wants to be someone’s bit on the side. They Feel Sophisticated A younger woman with an older man feels like she’s finally with her equal. Remember that women mature more quickly than men in terms of social development; by the time she’s 21 all the 21 year old men she meets seem far too immature and unbalanced for her. Of course, she doesn’t realize how innocent and youthful she still is. You can, however, when you watch her try to engage with the finer things in life smoothly. They Feel Forbidden and Taboo A young woman wants something more from her sexual relationships. She wants a thrill, and she wants to feel like…

Why Upscale First Time Dates Aren’t Always Better

Regardless of what kind of person you are, the pressure is always on when it comes to first dates. You’re going to want to make a good impression for one of two reasons: either to ensure that you get another date and more after that, or to ensure that you get laid at the end of the night. There are a number of ways to try and nail that first impression and one of the most commonly used is to make sure that the first date takes place at an upscale joint. You might think showing her a classy time is going to make everything aces, but that’s not necessarily going to be the case. Before you go ahead and make those reservations at the nicest restaurant you can find, you need to understand why it’s maybe not the best idea. Uncomfortable Don’t get us wrong, upscale locations are nice. However, you need to consider what kind of person your date is first. Is she the kind of woman that’s going to be comfortable in that kind of scenario, or is she more inclined to enjoy a laid back casual date? Taking a woman who likes to keep things really casual out to the classiest restaurant in town might seem…

Why It’s Better to Find a Mistress Online

Gone are the days where meeting women in person were the most effective. Now there are online dating websites which make this task so much easier, which is why it’s a good option for any guy looking to find a woman that interests him. This is also true for any guy who’s looking to score a little extramarital action, because there are websites out there designed just for that. You might wonder why it’s better to meet women online, particularly a woman that you’d like to make your mistress. Once you understand the reasons why, you won’t even consider trying to pick up women in a bar or at parties anymore. It’s Sneaky Obviously you don’t want to get caught cheating, and trying to pick up a mistress through conventional means will always run you the risk of getting caught. If you’re interested in sleeping with a woman other than your wife, it’s worth your time to consider a dating website that has a focus on married men. You’ll be able to do this from the comfort of your own home and if you’re careful, your wife will be none the wiser. You can use a computer for this, but you can also visit these websites on your tablet or…

When You Should Tell Your Mistress She’s the Other Woman

It can be tough to let your mistress know that she’s not the only lady in your life. You see, many women who enjoy a fun, flirty relationship and want to keep things casual still don’t want to be the other women. Your relationship might be giving her everything she could want as a mistress, but it can still be hard to tell her everything. Here’s how to break the news at each point in your relationship and when it’s the best time. Right at the Start This is the best time to tell your new lady anything about you or the relationship. This is also good because it means that you’ll have two people actively trying to keep your secret. “I’m sorry, but my wife didn’t go to her spin class today” is a perfectly valid excuse not to have her over when you both know that hiding things from your wife is top priority. It can be tough to break the news, but you should be sizing her up through the first few dates so you have an idea whether or not she’s going to run off and tell your wife. When You’re Settled In If your relationship started as a one night stand and turned into something…

What to Do If Your Mistress Wants to Take Your Fling to Your House

Things can get pretty crazy when you start to cheat on your wife. Not only are you going to have to keep up with your web of lies, but you’re also going to have to contend with your mistress. You might assume she’ll always be okay with clandestine meetings and hook ups, but she’s probably going to get tired of being treated like your dirty secret eventually. She’ll want to stir things up a little in order to make it more exciting, and one of the ways she might try to do that is to make it so the two of you are actually hooking up at your house while your spouse is away. This is something lot of mistresses try to do because of the risk and subsequently how exciting it can be. You might be on the fence about it when she asks, which means you need to think about the risks and the payoff. Say No This will probably be your knee-jerk reaction to her proposal, for good reason. Bringing her home to your house to have sex with her on your bed (or table, or couch, or wherever) is basically you just asking to get caught. And if you have kids, it’s not only risky to…

What to Do if She Seems Too Good to Be True

Dating websites have major flaw, and that’s that you can’t discover everything about a person instantly just from looking at their profile. As with anything on the Internet, online dating websites give everyone a certain level of anonymity, which means that if you really want to know what a woman’s like in person, you won’t be able to discover that until you meet up with her face to face. Unfortunately, this anonymity also gives people the opportunity to embellish some or all things about themselves, meaning that you won’t necessarily be meeting the person you thought you’d be meeting. This is why it’s important to be careful, particularly if you encounter a woman on a dating website that seems too good to be true. Insist on More Pictures So if you’ve started chatting up a woman that looks like a professional swimsuit model in every picture she’s in, you might be thinking that it’s too good to be true. Unfortunately, chances are pretty good that that’s the case. If you can’t find a candid picture of her where she doesn’t look centerfold amazing, you should start asking her for more pictures. Tell her you’d like to see her in a casual setting or without makeup. If she refuses or keeps…

Using Your Married Status to Turn Her On

When you’ve been out of the bachelor life for a while, getting back into it isn’t always a piece of cake. What ladies want has changed from when you were younger. Starting out, it might seem impossible to figure out how to attract women. Even if you’re currently having an affair, you might not feel like her heart is in it. What are you doing wrong? It’s a good bet that the problem isn’t that you’re doing something wrong. It’s just that you aren’t doing something else that’s more effective. Have you ever thought about the fact that your married status might be a huge turn on for her? If not, now is a good time to find out. There are plenty of methods you can use to get her all hot and bothered over being with a married man. Try one of these on for size and enjoy the results you get. Dress Up Like a Charming Secret Agent If you’re having a fling with a younger woman, you should dress your part. Be suave and smooth all the time. Invest in a few good suits that you can dress up in for her. You could even make a kinky game out of it when you get to the…

Understanding Why Women Want Flings With Married Men

If you’re married but you’re looking to get a little action outside you’re marriage, you’re totally not alone. It’s a fact that even the most happily married couples experience a little lust from time to time for people outside the matrimonial relationship. However, not everyone acts on that lust. If you do, you’re probably unhappy in one or more ways and you’re looking to remedy that fact. It’s not hard for married men to find women who are willing to jump in the sack for a little extra-marital fun, which means that you should be good to go. However, if having some trouble finding someone to cheat with, you need to try and understand why women like the concept of sleeping with married men so you can make an effort to appeal to them more. Sneaking around is Exciting It’s all about the forbidden fruit: she shouldn’t be sleeping with a married man, but she really wants to, and that’s a large part of why it’s so amazing. Having to keep your steamy affair secret is probably 80% of why she’s enjoying it so much. Remove that factor and it may quickly lose its appeal. The other part of why women enjoy flings with married guys so much is the…

Two Marriages, One Affair: Hooking Up with a Married Woman

There are a ton of married dating sites out there that operate on the idea that there are married people who want to stay married, but also want to date around. You’ll find women who are taken and those who are single and find it hot that your status is “married”. If you’ve stumbled on a site like this, you should always keep your eye out for the women that are taken, because they’re going to be more exciting than dating a single woman. By having a double affair going on, you’re going to find some benefits that you never would in a regular affair. The Pros Dating a married woman is exciting because she’ll be like a beast let out of its cage. Most marriages wind down on the sexual aspect, often on the part of the woman. But just because she doesn’t want to get it on with her husband doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a sexual appetite that needs whetting. Plus, with this drought she’s gone through, she’ll be more than happy to try a few of the freakier things out there. Hell, since she’s already having an affair she’ll probably want to get down and dirty for the fun of it. You’ll be in the…

The Three Things You Should Never Mention On Your Profile

The info in your dating profile is the first chance any lady gets to know you. Before she even messages you, she’ll have an idea about who you are based on what you wrote. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you write your profile well. If it’s boring, no one will want to talk to you. You’ve probably spent a ton of time fine tuning your page so that it’s just right. You might even be having some success with it so far. Even if you have, or if you’re just getting started, you need to know what info you shouldn’t ever put in there. Yes, there are just some things a profile shouldn’t have on it. If you’ve got any of the following three things in there, take them out right away. You could be doing yourself more harm than good. 1. How Your Marriage is Doing Since you’re on a married dating site, it might seem like it makes sense to talk a little bit about your marriage. You might think that women are going to be interested in that. The truth is, though, they’re not. The women you could be having affairs with don’t want to know about that. In fact, some of them might…


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