Two Marriages, One Affair: Hooking Up with a Married Woman

There are a ton of married dating sites out there that operate on the idea that there are married people who want to stay married, but also want to date around. You’ll find women who are taken and those who are single and find it hot that your status is “married”. If you’ve stumbled on a site like this, you should always keep your eye out for the women that are taken, because they’re going to be more exciting than dating a single woman. By having a double affair going on, you’re going to find some benefits that you never would in a regular affair.

The Pros

"She is easier to romance"

“She is easier to romance”

Dating a married woman is exciting because she’ll be like a beast let out of its cage. Most marriages wind down on the sexual aspect, often on the part of the woman. But just because she doesn’t want to get it on with her husband doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a sexual appetite that needs whetting. Plus, with this drought she’s gone through, she’ll be more than happy to try a few of the freakier things out there. Hell, since she’s already having an affair she’ll probably want to get down and dirty for the fun of it. You’ll be in the same boat, since your sex life isn’t what it used to be either. Take the experience that both of you have and collide.

Besides the sex, you’ll find that a married woman is easier to romance. She’s fallen in love once and was used to the flowers and compliments. Since those have dried up she’s just waiting for someone to romance her again. That leaves a wide, easy opening for you to fulfill. You, on the other hand, romanced a woman to the point of marrying you, so of course you know how to do this. You’re an old pro by now.

The Cons

"It will not work for long"

“It will not work for long”

Since both of you are married it’s going to be a lot harder to meet up whenever you’d like to. This affair may have to be highly coordinated in order to work. Again, that could contribute to the excitement of it all, but it can also be a boner killer when you can’t get what you want fast enough. Planning “work meetings” for the weekend only works if you’re in the field that does that sort of thing. If you’re an unlucky janitor or something then you’ll have to settle for guy’s weekends. They’re a little trickier to pull off, but make an acquaintance at work and use him as your scapegoat. That way your wife can meet him but he won’t be around enough to blab about your fake trip together. Using a close friend for this sort of lie would mean that you’d have to include him on the secret, and three’s a crowd.

She’s going to get more emotionally involved than you are, so beware her wanting to ditch both of your marriages in favor of one together. Just keep reminding her that this is the only way it will work, etc.


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