Understanding Why Women Want Flings With Married Men

If you’re married but you’re looking to get a little action outside you’re marriage, you’re totally not alone. It’s a fact that even the most happily married couples experience a little lust from time to time for people outside the matrimonial relationship. However, not everyone acts on that lust. If you do, you’re probably unhappy in one or more ways and you’re looking to remedy that fact. It’s not hard for married men to find women who are willing to jump in the sack for a little extra-marital fun, which means that you should be good to go. However, if having some trouble finding someone to cheat with, you need to try and understand why women like the concept of sleeping with married men so you can make an effort to appeal to them more.

Sneaking around is Exciting

It’s all about the forbidden fruit: she shouldn’t be sleeping with a married man, but she really wants to, and that’s a large part of why it’s so amazing. Having to keep your steamy affair secret is probably 80% of why she’s enjoying it so much. Remove that factor and it may quickly lose its appeal. The other part of why women enjoy flings with married guys so much is the sex itself; getting it on in the supply closet at work with a married co-worker is going to be better than any other kind of sex.

Married Means Experienced

"They want to enjoy sex with a man who knows what he is doing"

“They want to enjoy sex with a man who knows what he is doing”

While this isn’t necessarily true, it is a common misconception. A lot of women assume that just because a man’s married, it means he’s more experienced in everything-mainly in bed. This is a huge part of the allure of entering into an affair with a guy who’s already committed to another woman. If you’re planning on playing up this angle, you need to make damn sure that you can pull it off by blowing her mind once you’ve proceeded to sex. Otherwise she’s going to think you’re just as boring as every other average Joe she’s slept with and then passed over.

Competition Fuels Lust

"She wants to prove her sexiness"

“She wants to prove her sexiness”

One of the biggest reasons women are eager to start screwing around with married men is one of the most basic: competition. If a man’s sworn fidelity to another woman, she might feel the urge to prove that she can take him away. It’s a way of proving to herself and other women that she’s sexy, beautiful, and smart enough to snag a guy who’s already married. Be careful, though-women who start affairs just because they’re competitive often see no reason in ruining said marriages just because they can. Unless you’re looking for a divorce, you might want to avoid this kind of woman.

It’s Different

Maybe she’s just tired of the dating scene (or her own partner) and she’s looking to get some action wherever she can. That’s where you come in. She might only be driven by the desire to try something different, which means that she doesn’t have designs on your heart or on wrecking your marriage. She’s probably just doing this as a temporary thing, though, so be careful that you don’t end up falling for her.


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