Using Your Married Status to Turn Her On

When you’ve been out of the bachelor life for a while, getting back into it isn’t always a piece of cake. What ladies want has changed from when you were younger. Starting out, it might seem impossible to figure out how to attract women. Even if you’re currently having an affair, you might not feel like her heart is in it. What are you doing wrong? It’s a good bet that the problem isn’t that you’re doing something wrong. It’s just that you aren’t doing something else that’s more effective. Have you ever thought about the fact that your married status might be a huge turn on for her? If not, now is a good time to find out. There are plenty of methods you can use to get her all hot and bothered over being with a married man. Try one of these on for size and enjoy the results you get.

Dress Up Like a Charming Secret Agent

"Be suave and smooth"

“Be suave and smooth”

If you’re having a fling with a younger woman, you should dress your part. Be suave and smooth all the time. Invest in a few good suits that you can dress up in for her. You could even make a kinky game out of it when you get to the bedroom. Making her undress you will have her wild with desire before you even get your sock garters off. Taking her out to dinner while you’re dressed up all fancy will have the same effect. She’ll spend the whole meal thinking about getting those clothes off of you. Dressing like this identifies you as an older man. You should even leave your wedding band on to entice her further. Your outfit can go a long way towards setting the mood.

Make Her Want What She Shouldn’t Have

As a married man, you should be off limits to her, a single woman. Use that to your advantage. Make her feel like being with you is eating a forbidden fruit. Once she’s gotten a taste of that thrill, she’s sure to want more. You’ll be able to keep her coming back time and time again. Your affair could get really hot and heavy once you figure this trick out. Reinforce it by telling her things like “this is our little secret” and other similar clichés. They might sound lame on paper, but she’ll be putty in your hands when you whisper it in her ear.

Show Her the Fun in Keeping Secrets

"Teach her how to have fun in keeping secrets"

“Teach her how to have fun in keeping secrets”

Speaking of secrets, make a game out of keeping them with her. Show her that sneaking around isn’t stressful, it’s exciting. She’ll love knowing that you two share something hidden together. It’ll make sure she doesn’t just quit talking to you one day because she’s bored. Keep the excitement alive by doing more secret dirty things with her, such as having sex in a secluded but public location. Make your memories together “secrets” that you share and talk about in private. Make sure she knows you two are inside a private world, separate from your marriage. The feeling of doing something she shouldn’t will make keeping your secrets fun and sexy for her.


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