What to Do if She Seems Too Good to Be True

"Follow your instincts if you find something fishy"

“Follow your instincts if you find something fishy”

Dating websites have major flaw, and that’s that you can’t discover everything about a person instantly just from looking at their profile. As with anything on the Internet, online dating websites give everyone a certain level of anonymity, which means that if you really want to know what a woman’s like in person, you won’t be able to discover that until you meet up with her face to face. Unfortunately, this anonymity also gives people the opportunity to embellish some or all things about themselves, meaning that you won’t necessarily be meeting the person you thought you’d be meeting. This is why it’s important to be careful, particularly if you encounter a woman on a dating website that seems too good to be true.

Insist on More Pictures

"Ask for more pictures"

“Ask for more pictures”

So if you’ve started chatting up a woman that looks like a professional swimsuit model in every picture she’s in, you might be thinking that it’s too good to be true. Unfortunately, chances are pretty good that that’s the case. If you can’t find a candid picture of her where she doesn’t look centerfold amazing, you should start asking her for more pictures. Tell her you’d like to see her in a casual setting or without makeup. If she refuses or keeps putting you off no matter how many times you ask, it’s probably because the pictures she’s been using aren’t actually of her.

Ask for Video Chat

Another way to try and figure out if she’s really as smoking hot as she seems is to try and take your online chatting to the next level by asking her for a video chat. If she’s not faking her photos, she’ll probably accept. However, if she’s been using fake pics on her profile, she won’t want to hop on webcam in front of you because you’ll be able to see what she really looks like. If she gives you a firm denial or keeps telling you that she’ll do it “later” but never does, it’s probably because she knows the jig will be up the moment you see what she really looks like.

Be Cautious

So it says on her profile that she’s an ex-model and that she’s a millionaire. Sounds awesome, right? Well, take it with a grain of salt. There’s nothing saying she can’t be that kind of person, but there’s also nothing saying that she is that person, either. So if you decide to go ahead and meet up with her, make sure you have a plan for getting out of there if it turns out that nothing she said is true. Arrange it so that if you text a friend during the date, he or she will call you with an “emergency” that you have to attend to right away. If you’re expecting a hot model and you end up with a woman who’s five foot nothing and fat, you’ve obviously been mislead. There’s no telling what other lies this woman is willing to tell, so it’s probably better for you to get the hell out of there before you can find out.


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