What to Do If Your Mistress Wants to Take Your Fling to Your House

Things can get pretty crazy when you start to cheat on your wife. Not only are you going to have to keep up with your web of lies, but you’re also going to have to contend with your mistress. You might assume she’ll always be okay with clandestine meetings and hook ups, but she’s probably going to get tired of being treated like your dirty secret eventually. She’ll want to stir things up a little in order to make it more exciting, and one of the ways she might try to do that is to make it so the two of you are actually hooking up at your house while your spouse is away. This is something lot of mistresses try to do because of the risk and subsequently how exciting it can be. You might be on the fence about it when she asks, which means you need to think about the risks and the payoff.

Say No

"There is a risk of getting caught"

“There is a risk of getting caught”

This will probably be your knee-jerk reaction to her proposal, for good reason. Bringing her home to your house to have sex with her on your bed (or table, or couch, or wherever) is basically you just asking to get caught. And if you have kids, it’s not only risky to bring her home, but stupid. Do you have any idea how screwed up your kids will be if they somehow manage to walk in on you boning a woman that’s not their mom? If on the other hand you’re kid-free and your wife is out of the house a lot, it might be worth it to give it a try. It’ll make things so much more exciting, but be very careful not to leave any evidence behind.


If you want to go for it, it’s not something you can just do on the fly. You need to account for what times your wife will be home and when she’ll be away. If she works full time, you might be able to sneak your mistress home during both your lunch breaks. Same goes if your wife spends a lot of time out with her family or friends. Never bring you mistress home on the fly; always plan it out ahead of time. This gives you the opportunity to change that plan if something in your wife’s schedule unexpectedly changes.

Back-Up Plan

"Tell her to stay under the bed till your wife leave"

“Tell her to stay under the bed till your wife leave”

No matter how clockwork your spouse is about her schedule, you need to always expect the unexpected. She might come home from work with the stomach flu one day, or her office might have closed early. She might have an appointment and has to stop by the house on her way there. There are hundreds of ways you can end up getting caught if you bring your mistress home, and while you can’t account for all of them, you should at least be able to account for some. You need to set up a contingency plan on how to sneak your mistress past your wife should the worst ever happen. If there’s another exit in your house, show her where it is. She might need to lie low under the bed or in a closet until you can find a way to smuggle her out of the house. You’re also going to have to be prepared for the inevitable questions your wife will ask regarding why you’re home for work early and why you’re half-naked. Make them believable, because your marriage will depend on it.


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