When You Should Tell Your Mistress She’s the Other Woman

It can be tough to let your mistress know that she’s not the only lady in your life. You see, many women who enjoy a fun, flirty relationship and want to keep things casual still don’t want to be the other women. Your relationship might be giving her everything she could want as a mistress, but it can still be hard to tell her everything. Here’s how to break the news at each point in your relationship and when it’s the best time.

Right at the Start

"Make it clear in the beginning"

“Make it clear in the beginning”

This is the best time to tell your new lady anything about you or the relationship. This is also good because it means that you’ll have two people actively trying to keep your secret. “I’m sorry, but my wife didn’t go to her spin class today” is a perfectly valid excuse not to have her over when you both know that hiding things from your wife is top priority. It can be tough to break the news, but you should be sizing her up through the first few dates so you have an idea whether or not she’s going to run off and tell your wife.

When You’re Settled In

"She should know the truth about you if you are moving forward"

“She should know the truth about you if you are moving forward”

If your relationship started as a one night stand and turned into something else entirely, then you have to tell her that she’s not the only woman in your life when you’ve already settled into a groove. It’s more difficult to get her to see things your way in this case, but not impossible. You can play on her emotions by confessing the truth: you never expected things to get this way for you and her. You thought for sure that she’d simply be a temporary thing, and now that you know that you and she are going to be together she should know the truth about you.

When She Wants More

This is a bad time to tell her, but if you’ve juggled two relationships for long enough you might find yourself in the position of having to tell her exactly why you can’t move in with her… ever. It’s not easy and you run a high chance of getting her angry with you. Your best bet is to through yourself into the role of the man who had everything, and didn’t dare even breathe because he was afraid of losing it. You wanted to tell her; you even tried to tell her several times and the words just wouldn’t come out. You’re sorry.

Never When You’re Breaking Up

"Never use your marriage as a reason to break up"

“Never use your marriage as a reason to break up”

One thing that you should never do is use your relationship as a reason to break up. When you’re bored with one mistress, don’t tell her that you’re married as a way of ending things. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” here means that if you tell her that you’re married while you’re breaking up and hurting her feelings you’re just handing her ways to ruin your life in response. Don’t be surprised if she decides to give your wife a call if the first time she heard about her was during your “it’s not you, it’s me” speech.


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