Why Upscale First Time Dates Aren’t Always Better

Regardless of what kind of person you are, the pressure is always on when it comes to first dates. You’re going to want to make a good impression for one of two reasons: either to ensure that you get another date and more after that, or to ensure that you get laid at the end of the night. There are a number of ways to try and nail that first impression and one of the most commonly used is to make sure that the first date takes place at an upscale joint. You might think showing her a classy time is going to make everything aces, but that’s not necessarily going to be the case. Before you go ahead and make those reservations at the nicest restaurant you can find, you need to understand why it’s maybe not the best idea.


"She might not like the place"

“She might not like the place”

Don’t get us wrong, upscale locations are nice. However, you need to consider what kind of person your date is first. Is she the kind of woman that’s going to be comfortable in that kind of scenario, or is she more inclined to enjoy a laid back casual date? Taking a woman who likes to keep things really casual out to the classiest restaurant in town might seem like a great idea, but she’ll likely be extremely uncomfortable for the entire duration. You want the date to impress her, but you also want her to be relaxed so that you can get to know who she really is (and vice versa). So if she’s a jeans and T-shirt kind of woman, hold off on ordering those tickets to the opera or making reservations at the most expensive restaurant in town. She’d probably just love it if you went out to a pub or spent an evening strolling around a park.

Showing Off

"She will think that you are showing off your money"

“She will think that you are showing off your money”

Impressing her is one thing, but trying to show off that you can afford upscale dates is another and there’s a very fine line between the two. Even if your intent was just to wow her, she might think that you’re taking her to an upscale place just to show off your financial status. Unless she’s looking for a sugar daddy, she might not be all that impressed by this. If you’re certain you want to go through with an upscale date, make sure to let her know that you don’t do this kind of thing often and that this is a special occasion. That way she’ll know you’re not trying to show off the fact that you have a lot of money.


"Stop sounding like a pretentious douchebag"

“Stop sounding like a pretentious douchebag”

Another thing you need to watch out for is the misconception that you’re pretentious. If you’re taking her to the opera and you start lecturing her on the lyrics and the translation and the impact they have on musical theatre, you’re going to come off sounding like a pretentious douchebag. Even if you do know everything about everything, a first date is not the time to let her know that. Stow the facts and instead just focus on enjoying her company. If you’re relaxed, engage her in conversation and make an effort to listen to what she says, she’ll be way more impressed.


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