Why Younger Women Love Being a Mistress

There’s good news out there for older, married men who want to get back in the dating game: young women love being a mistress more than they love being a wife these days. If you know who you want to keep on the side it pays to know how she feels about things so you can cater to her desires. Sure, not every single woman is going to feel these exact same ways about things, but there’s a good chance that she’s going to have at least some of these points in her arsenal for why she wants to be someone’s bit on the side.

They Feel Sophisticated

"They consider it as a style"

“They consider it as a style”

A younger woman with an older man feels like she’s finally with her equal. Remember that women mature more quickly than men in terms of social development; by the time she’s 21 all the 21 year old men she meets seem far too immature and unbalanced for her. Of course, she doesn’t realize how innocent and youthful she still is. You can, however, when you watch her try to engage with the finer things in life smoothly.

They Feel Forbidden and Taboo

"If it is forbidden they want to experience it"

“If it is forbidden they want to experience it”

A young woman wants something more from her sexual relationships. She wants a thrill, and she wants to feel like she’s pushing the envelope and taking advantage of her youth. That’s where you come in. You’re handsome, you’re older, and you’re definitely forbidden. She’s going to feel like a sexual tigress and you’re going to get all the perks that come from her feeling this way. Just being with a married man is thrill enough when she’s young; you don’t have to wonder how she’s going to feel about being the other woman so long as you keep playing up how forbidden the whole thing is.

They Get All the Perks

"They get to enjoy the rich cuisines in expensive restaurants"

“They get to enjoy the rich cuisines in expensive restaurants”

Young women these days aren’t looking for a husband. There was a time when young women, 21, 22, and so forth were only concerned about finding a man who would stay with them forever. Now they’re looking to explore things in their early twenties. When seen in that light you have so much to offer these young women. They get the exposure to the finer things in life, great food, great gifts, great dates, and they don’t have to deal with things they’re not ready for a commitment. She can explore without being tied down.

They Can Practice Being with a Real Man

Women who start out as mistresses often do want to end up as wives a few years down the line, just not to you. They’re not exactly gold diggers; the polite term is “social climbers.” They’re more than willing to work to please a husband who’s going to be able to amply provide for them and is able to give them whatever they desire. Still, they need practice, and that practice is you. This teaches them how to handle it when their husband has mistresses one day, and it teaches them how to be the gracious, accepting partners that high powered men want in their wives.


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