Tips and Tricks to Have the Affairs You Really Want

When you’re learning how to have an affair, you’ve definitely got to know the ins and outs of it. With our help, that’s never going to be an issue for you ever again, and that’s a great thing.

Make Married Dating Sites Work for You, Not Against

Making these kinds of sites work for you is an easy task if you know what you’re doing. With our guide, you’re going to know exactly how to make them work for you.

The Essential Tech Tips to Keeping Your Tracks Covered

Covering your tracks when it comes to affairs is the most important thing that you can do. Technology can get in the way of that, but don’t let that happen to you.

Essential Site Features That No Dating Site Can Do Without

Certain features need to be on these websites in order to give you what you’re really looking for. Here’s how to know that you’re going to be using the best out there.

How to Keep Private Investigators from Being a Pain in Your Ass

Private investigators lurk on the scammy sites, and even on the best sites at times. You need to know how to avoid them to keep everything safe and sound.

Married Dating Myths That Can Really Ruin Your Evening

Some myths can really end up putting a damper on your fun. Here’s those myths busted, so that you don’t end up running into a brick wall time and time again.

Standing Out on Dating Sites, With a Minimum of Fuss

If you want to end up standing out on a dating site, there are certain things that you really do need to do. Here’s how we’ve done it, and here’s how you should, too.

Reading Between the Lines to See Exactly What She Wants

If you really want to please your potential date, we can make sure that you know how to read between the lines and really figure out what she’s looking for.

Crafting a First Message to Really Break the Ice, No Sweat

The first message is the most important message, hands down. With our help, you’re definitely going to be able to please her with just a few words, and we’re experts.

Red Flags You’ve Got to Watch For in Her Profile and Messages

There are a few red flags that you’ve really got to avoid when it comes to using these websites. We’ve got you covered there, especially when it comes to viewing her profile.

From Online to in the Flesh: How to Ask Her to Meet In-Person

Trying to meet her in person can be a hump that intimidates even the best of us. Don’t let that be you--here’s how you can do it with ease and with charm to spare.

Dual Secrets: How to Keep Your Married Date’s Secrets Safe, Too

Keeping your date’s secrets safe is also part of the deal. It’s not just you that’s on the line here, and you need to realize that when you’re meeting up with her for the first time.

Is a Long-Distance Fling Right for You? Get the Facts, First

Long-distance flings aren’t for everyone, but they might be for you. You need to know the pros and cons of these things, however, in order to really have the fun that you need.

Keeping in Touch Without Letting It All Hang Out

If you want to keep in touch with your date without anyone finding out, there’s a way for that. Here’s how to do it in a discreet, easy way that has always worked.

Date Locations That Will Keep Your Privacy Secure

The right locations can either make or break your date, and that’s a fact. You need to know how to really keep things secure, but you also need to have a great time.

Conversation Topics That You’ve Got to Avoid Like the Plague

Some topics just never need to come up in conversation. These are those topics that will make her walk out on your date, so make sure to not let that happen.

Juggling Multiple Married Flings, and How to Pull It Off

There are a few married flings out there that you might want to have at the same time...and that’s the dream. Being able to do that, however, requires a bit more work.

So Long, Farewell: Knowing When to Break a Fling Off

Knowing when to end that fling is a huge part of the equation. With our help, you’ll be able to do that with minimal stress, and a lot of flying colors. Here’s how.

Covering Up a Slipped Secret: How to Get Damage Control Going

Damage control is a hugely important part of having an affair. If something slips, you need to make sure that you can cover your tracks quickly and get back to where you were.

Is Playing Multiple Married Dating Sites Really Worth the Risk?

Using multiple married dating sites can definitely have its advantages, but you also need to know the risks. Here’s our opinion on that subject and how to make it work.

How to Tell If a Married Dating Site Is Going Down the Tubes

Being able to figure out if a site is just not worth it is important. Sometimes, a site can start off well, and then quickly stop working for you. Here’s how to deal with that.

Our married dating advice is the best around. Read our guide, and that will prove it!


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