Juggling Multiple Married Flings, and How to Pull It Off

It’s not impossible to have multiple married flings at once, and that should be obvious. You’re already having an affair–why not bring a few more ladies into the mix?

It definitely can be done.

When it comes to this kind of married dating advice, we’re not going to lie to you and say that it’s completely easy. It does require some strategy and some planning.

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If you aren’t a very organized individual, this might not be for you. You can end up really running into some sticky situations in this regard, and that’s just not going to be good.

Multiplying your chances of being caught by several times can also be daunting to a lot of men, so if you don’t cover your tracks properly here…that can really happen.

Multiple Affairs Can be a Ton of Fun…but How Do You Do It? Here’s How We Go About It.

It’s important that you really are able to actually keep all of these affairs straight and organized. Without a high level of organization, this is just not going to work for you.

Being organized requires some planning on your end. Whether you have a little black book, a file on your phone, or a full out spreadsheet on your computer, keep these girls straight.

If you can’t go for that much effort, then having multiple affairs is probably not for you. You really don’t want to end up mixing them up and making more trouble for yourself.

Jealousy isn’t fun.

These ladies might know that this is a married dating site, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily want them to end up running into one another when dating you.

You can end up having these girls blackmail you if they’re particularly nutty, and that’s not cute, either. You just need to keep them entirely ignorant of one another.

By doing this, you’re going to insure that you have a much easier time with dating multiple ladies overall. You need to make sure that you’re capable of keeping them separate.

Know your limits.

Man being pulled apart by 2 babes

If you know that one affair costs such and such money, make sure that you can budget for the money, time, and effort of having several more. This can really put a damper on many plans.

You need to also make sure that you can balance your time appropriately. You might end up running into some very bad situations if you end up overbooking yourself.

Knowing your limits is going to help you avoid a great many problems when it comes to dating multiple ladies. Keep this in mind, and make sure you keep your obligations.

Don’t go too far.

Balance out these affairs with your personal life. It’s important.


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