How to Keep Private Investigators from Being a Pain in Your Ass

Private investigators are, unfortunately, one of the more obnoxious things about trying to make dating sites work for you when you’re married. If you’re using Australian married dating sites, they will pop up.

You need to know how to avoid them.

The annoying thing about private investigators is that they really do love setting up shop on married dating sites. They want to get your money through blackmail and the like.

Married Dating SCAM alert img

This is really not cool, and it’s also, frankly terrifying. The fact that these people try to do this to men like us is really just one of the most nerve wracking parts of affairs.

It’s all to line their pockets, and that’s why you need to know how to keep ahead of them. Fortunately, we know all about that, and we can definitely help you out here.

Avoiding Private Investigators is Something We’ve Fortunately Mastered. Here’s How to Do It.

It’s not a moral crusade that these private investigators are about. They’re all about trying to steal money from you, and they can end up being pretty damn good at it.

That being said, it’s all about prevention on your end. This is really the way to go about it, because trying to cure the problem once it starts isn’t going to be easy for you.

You need to start with a well-monitored dating site. You should never leave your life in the hands of a scam-ridden, horrifying dating site that isn’t going to take care of you.

You need to be careful.

Peeking Thru Window

Even the best sites can mess up at times, and that means that you really do need to be careful about who you’re talking to whenever you’re trying to chat up these ladies.

You need to make sure that you don’t give out personal details, first and foremost. Talking about your full name and your job and where you are is a no-no.

The more that you can keep your information close to you, the better. You should also, obviously, make sure to never end up handing out any credit card information online.

If you’re smart, they won’t touch you.

Private investigators have a pretty low tolerance for smart guys, and we know that’s you. This means that if you actually are careful in the way you handle yourself, they’ll give up.

Avoid profiles with obviously fake, photoshopped, or stolen pictures. These are probably going to be private investigators, and even if they aren’t, it’s probably an escort.

The more that you can avoid ever even coming in contact with them, the better. It’s going to make a huge difference, and it’s going to end up being a lot less stressful.

Report them.

A good site will get rid of them. Don’t let them linger around.


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