From Online to in the Flesh: How to Ask Her to Meet In-Person

Being able to pop the question about meeting in person is something that can give a lot of men some anxiety. Fortunately, we’ve mastered the art of this while using online married dating sites.

It’s not so bad.

It’s obvious that you’ve got to meet up with one another at some point. That’s the whole idea of using these kinds of sites, but sometimes, you can get cold feet about it.

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There’s no reason that has to happen to you, however. You need to know how to ask her in a way that’s really going to get her excited about it so that she agrees quickly.

We know all the ways to make this happen, and we’ve only ever had a few women say no. These odds are really in your favor, and you’ll definitely reap the benefits.

Being Able to Ask Her to Meet in Person is Important, and We Know How to do It…so Read On.

Obviously, you shouldn’t be asking her in that first message that you end up sending out to her. That’s in poor taste, and it’s probably not going to come close to impressing her.

You need to just chat her up in that first message and really try to get to know her as quickly as possible. Get a feel for her level of interest, and that’ll help you out, too.

You need to also be careful about this to make sure that she isn’t a private investigator. You don’t want to push too hard if that’s the case, and you don’t want to be creepy if she isn’t.

Don’t wait too long, however.

The ideal timeframe for a message routine that’s going well is around the third or fourth message. If she’s into you and chatting you up eagerly, it’s time to start making plans.

The best way to do this is to, of course, cater to what she’s into. You need to probably stay local, too, and make sure that you can come up with an applicable event.

Don’t just settle for a movie date. Try to find something that you can both go to that she’d enjoy. Setting that exact time and date is something concrete for her to agree to.

Be direct.

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There’s no use in beating around the bush at all. You need to ask her directly, or she’s never going to end up going for it. She expects you to be the confident one here.

You need to have a specific time and date lined up, and tell her all about it. This way, she’ll feel much more comfortable in knowing that you’re serious and ready about this.

It will also let her make sure that she can make adjustments for her own privacy needs. Remember, you’re not the only one that has things at stake while having an affair.

Be smart.

If you’re smart and pace yourself well, this will be an easy task for sure.


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