Red Flags You’ve Got to Watch For in Her Profile and Messages

Being knowledgeable about all the red flags that can show up on these kinds of sites is very important. Even if you’re using the best married dating sites, you can still run into trouble.

We know how to avoid it.

It’s a sad thing to realize, but not all of these ladies on these married dating sites are legit. Some of them are scammers that are looking for your cash, or worse than that.

Married Dating SCAM alert img

That’s why you’ve got to be able to sort them and figure out which ones are really real and which ones are all just lying to your face. You deserve better than to be scammed.

Being able to find all of these red flags is something that we’ve trained ourselves to be able to do, and we know that you can do the same. You just need our help at first.

Being Able to Pick Out Red Flags is Our Specialty. Here’s How You Can Do It, Too.

These ladies are generally going to be legit, but you absolutely need to be able to pick out the ones that aren’t. Even on great sites, this can end up being something of a problem.

It all starts with profile pictures, actually. If you end up running into a ton of profiles that are heavily sexualized, that’s going to be a huge warning sign right off the bat.

Profile pictures can really end up telling a story all on their own. If you aren’t able to pick out legit ladies from their profile pictures, then you’re going to end up struggling.

The pictures matter.

Red Flag

Some of the most common scammers will use stolen pictures from porn sites as their profile pictures. This is one of the biggest red flags that you can ever end up seeing.

The same goes for private investigators, or even for escorts. Their profiles will be fake or heavily photoshopped, and that can be a huge warning sign for a lot of people.

You need to avoid those kinds of profiles like the plague. Sometimes, it’s hard to prove it, but when coupled with a mostly blank profile or one filled with links, that’s a sign.

Watch out for bare profiles.

If you end up finding a profile that’s mostly empty, then that’s not going to be the kind of girl that you want to end up chasing after. Chances are, she’s not a real woman.

She’s probably a private investigator, and probably not even an actual woman. These are the kinds of things that you need to be wary of whenever using these sites.

If you really want to confirm your suspicions, you can end up approaching them very cautiously–but we recommend just moving onto a profile that really meets our expectations.

Don’t settle.

There’s no reason to settle for a low-traveled or poorly filled out profile just because you think that you can score them. Chances are, they’re going to end up scamming you.


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