Reading Between the Lines to See Exactly What She Wants

Whenever you’re learning how to have an affair, you need to make sure that you’re really giving your potential date everything that she’s really looking for. We know how.

You’ve got to read between those lines.

Her profile is a wealth of information, and it might not even all be plain-stated. That’s something that you’re going to have to get used to and learn how to get around.

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Once you can do that, you’re definitely going to be able to have a huge advantage over the other guys that are online. You’ll be able to get way more women.

This is a huge part of being successful on these kinds of websites. If you want to have a really fun affair, you can definitely do that just by being able to, more or less, read minds.

Being Able to Interpret Her Profile is a Huge Part of Getting What You Want. Here’s How We Do It.

Her interests, hobbies, what she looks like–all of that’s going to end up being there, and you’re probably not going to end up having too many surprises in this area.

That being said, you can definitely end up having some surprises in other aspects of her life if you aren’t really reading her profile properly, so you need to learn how to.

Being able to read what she’s really saying is a huge part of our success. There are a few cues that you can pick up on and really run with as a part of getting ahead of the crowds.

Look at what she talks about.

First of all, the best thing that you can do is end up looking at what she’s really listing on her profile. If she’s just talking about hobbies and interests, she’s into something more casual.

If a woman is talking about what she wants in bed right off the bat, chances are, she’s probably just looking for a quick hookup and absolutely nothing else from you.

Being able to tell the difference is going to either make or break your success rate with these affair sites. You really do need to be able to tell the difference between them.

Watch for blank profiles.

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A profile that’s blank or formulated is really more than likely a fake. This can be something that’s hard to spot if you aren’t used to it, but you’ll see it more and more over time.

If you also see a ton of fake pictures, that’s not a good sign. You need to move away from that profile sooner rather than later if you want to end up being successful.

These kinds of profiles can pop up even on the best of sites. Just report them and move on, and make sure that you don’t end up wasting your time with them at all.

Avoid private investigators.

Obviously, you also need to read between the lines to spot a total private investigator scam. Don’t waste your time with these kinds of people. They’ll just give you grief.


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