One Crappy Married Dating Site in Every Single Way

One glanced at and we were wincing–seriously. This is just one of those sites that doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they’re posting up fake profiles. It’s not cute. Sites like this one don’t even come close to trying, and that’s obviously just with one glance at the layout. It’s overly simplified, and the front page isn’t at all intuitive. Once you actually get to the join form, you’re probably going to end up regretting things. You’re going to regret ever even thinking of joining this really horrible, poorly designed site. It’s just a site that really relies on the bait and switch technique. You’re going to see a lot of profiles on the front page, but trust us–they aren’t anywhere on the site itself. It’s lying to you. We aren’t fond of a site that’s going to end up lying to your face, and that’s ultimately all that this one is going to do. It’s just going to make you feel like you’re scammed all the time. That’s exactly what’s happening, of course. You’re going to end up finding yourself on searches trying to find anyone around at all, and it’s just not going to happen. This is the kind of thing that you really need… One Hell of an Awful Married Dating Site

Unsurprisingly, was made on a very shoestring budget, and it’s really just gross to even think of looking at this site for an extended period. It’s not good. The thing about this site is that the more that you try to make sense of the layout, the worse that it’s going to be. We’re not sure, but we think they’re trying to mimic Facebook. Except instead of a seamless layout that actually makes sense…they end up with peasoup green, random profiles, and a whole lot of fakes just plastered all on the front page. This is literally the opposite of what we want when it comes to a dating site. It’s not going to ever end up getting better, either, and that’s why you just need to leave it alone. It’s empty. When a dating site ends up as empty as this one, you really do have to sit back and wonder how in the world that even happens. That’s just why this site is really no good. It’s an unfortunate thing that people just keep trying to join this site–and by people, we really do mean only desperate men. Otherwise, it’s completely and utterly empty. There aren’t any women that would ever be caught dead here. The profiles… An Excellent Married Dating Site? There’s No Way.

We’re not going to lie–we’re actually a little freaked out by It all comes down to the fact that there is definitely something going on in the front of the site. It’s…a movie? We’re assuming it’s two people getting it on, but uh, that’s not really all that appealing. We’re not here for porn–we’re here to meet women to have a great time with. Apparently, this site is endorsed by a bunch of different newspapers and has some ‘reviews’ on it that really do sing of its glory, but we’re not convinced of that at all. This site just doesn’t even begin to have the active member base that it should if it’s really that great. It’s just a really shocking example of what not to do in a dating site. It’s empty. When a dating site is this empty, there’s no hope for tomorrow. That’s probably all because a lot of people join up and realize that hey, there’s not really any women here. The ratio is one of the worse things about this site, and it just doesn’t seem to come anywhere close to improving over time. Instead, it’s just one big hot mess after another. A shocking failure is all that we can claim this site… This Married Dating Site Help You Score? Short Version: No.

So, basically, one glance at tells us that it’s a site absolutely and utterly full of escorts. It’s not cute, and it’s not going to end up giving you the affairs you want. You don’t want to go that route. Escorts might be fine for some men, but we personally don’t like the idea of being thrown into jail for soliciting anyone. That’s exactly what this site is going to end up doing for us. It’s not safe to try and use a site like this one, and there’s no what you will end up meeting any women on this site that aren’t like that. It’s just empty other than that. If you even try to find them, you’re going to be really out of luck. It’s not a safe site for sure, and that means that you’re definitely already going to be skirting danger. It’s unfortunate. Because this site caters so strongly to those kinds of things, there’s no way in hell that you’re ever going to be able to make any reasonable progress when using it. The other thing is that the site is clearly designed to attract that kind of sect of men. You aren’t going to end up seeing anyone on this site that isn’t… One Crappy Married Dating Site For Sure immediately caters to men and only men with the layout that they have in place. This is pretty obvious to us, and not at all enjoyable in any way. It’s just not good. The front page, unsurprisingly, has a naked blonde on it covering her boobs. Okay. That could be worse, but honestly, it’s still enough to kill any and all chance of intimacy. Women just aren’t going to be attracted to a site like this one. They’re going to feel like they aren’t even coming close to getting good representation on a site like this. When a site only caters to men, that’s immediately going to start killing numbers, and of course, that’s exactly what has happened here. It’s no good, and it’s frankly obnoxious. You won’t get a date here. Because the ratio is so honestly awful, there’s very few chances to even try and talk to women on this site. This site claims to be fast-growing, but it’s just not that at all. Between the layout and the sheer fact that there’s no effort put into any advertising, this is the kind of site that’s just going to end up stagnating very, very quickly. We’re actually pretty sure that it already has. This is the kind… An Attempt of a Married Dating Site That Fails

The more we stared at, the more we realized that this site was just not only awful in design, but awful in every single way that an affair site could be. It’s all a lie. First and foremost, just take a look at the front page. It’s really just using stock photography of what is supposedly a beautiful woman to try and convince us that the site is great. Trust us when we say there aren’t any ladies on this site that look like that. With this horrible layout made up of tables and a few forms pasted on yellow, how could there be? No one in their right mind is going to end up wasting a ton of time on this site, and that’s all proved in the numbers. This is just a very poorly designed site at the best of times. It doesn’t get better. The thing is, we really did try to dig through this site and make it work for us–it’s just not going to end up happening, and that’s as clear as day in every single way. It’s an empty site, a dead site, and a site that mostly runs on scammers joining up to try and trick new members that are mostly just… A Decent Married Dating Site? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

So you know that thing about actually catering to women in layouts? absolutely doesn’t do that, and it’s really obvious that they just don’t care. It’s all about money. There’s a lot that can be said about this site, and it should be primarily noted that they just don’t care about you. The only thing that they’re interested in is the cash that they can get. This isn’t going to be all that much, mind. This site is pretty dead in the water, and membership numbers are through the floor. There’s just not enough to entice the guys. That’s saying something, because there’s NOTHING to entice the ladies. They aren’t going to end up joining a site that just has naked women on the front page of the site. It’s not good at all. When an affairs site really just tries to go on the lines of getting men and only men to join…that’s never going to end well. That’s because the ratio will be really off. You need a great ratio of women to men on any dating site in order to really make it work, and that’s not going to happen here. Mostly, it’s just going to end up falling flat. This is the kind of site… One of the Worst Married Dating Sites Around

The moment that we hopped onto, we were really nervous. That’s because this site immediately gave us a bad vibe, and we weren’t quite sure why… …until we kept digging into it. At first glance, this site is basically just a pretty dinky site with a poorly designed layout, but the second that you start trying to search through the profiles, you’ll see them. There are private investigators everywhere. This is not a safe site at all, and it mostly seems to be a cover site for a ton of scammers being in one very tight space. That makes us really sad. There are definitely a lot of people out there that will think it’s okay to use this site and they will end up getting caught and blackmailed for cash. It’s just awful. With a site like this, you’re just going to have to really distance yourself, or you’re going to end up getting scammed. Be very careful if you even decide to take a look at it. The private investigators on this site are ruthless, and they really don’t care about anything except getting your cash. This is just a shocking thing that really rubs us the wrong way. With a site like this one, you’re just… The Crappiest Married Dating Site in Awhile

One glance at this site just screams ‘scam’, and we’re very serious about that. has one of the sketchiest looking layouts we’ve seen in awhile. It’s no good. First and foremost, text and tables over a really crappy, almost incomprehensible red and black background doesn’t make a good dating site, and that’s a fact we have to point out. We’re kind of shocked that whoever made this site thought it would actually be convincing to make a layout that looked like that, but then again, it’s all about scamming people. This site is definitely all about private investigators and trying to blackmail their potential victims. It’s frightening, and it’s not something that you want to put your nose into. It’s frankly scary. Sites like this one really do exist to just trick unsuspecting men into joining and wasting a ton of cash. It’s not safe, and it’s not something that we’re ever into dealing with. A site like this one starts off with a horrible layout and a simple join form…but then you’ll find yourself having more charges requested, and messages from PIs, of course. This is just the kind of site that can definitely go downhill fast. It’s not fun, it’s not good, and it’s definitely just going… One Hell of a Crappy Married Dating Site, and We Knew It

One glance at is enough to make us roll our eyes. The front page itself is just one big hot mess, with a lot of Engrish and some serious spelling errors. That doesn’t bode well. When a site can’t even take the time to proof read…well, that’s not something that we’re honestly ever going to be into. That’s just something that rubs us the wrong way. This whole site goes off on a horrible direction from there, primarily seeming to be dead except for a bunch of scammers that come in just about every single shape and size. This means that you’re mostly going to end up being avoiding private investigators the whole time that you’re using this site, and if you ask us, that’s just no good. It’s not a good sign. When this site shows you that it doesn’t have that many members joining up recently, that’s not going to be something that we really feel is all that…encouraging. We weren’t wrong to be paranoid, considering the whole point of this site just mostly seems to try and steal the money of a lot of different desperate men joining up. We aren’t into that, and we can’t imagine that you’ll be into that, either. It’s much better…


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