C-Date.com: One Hell of a Crappy Married Dating Site, and We Knew It



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The site admins here clearly didn't even bother to proofread their content, so it's not really surprising that they also don't care about keeping scammers at bay.

One glance at C-Date.com is enough to make us roll our eyes. The front page itself is just one big hot mess, with a lot of Engrish and some serious spelling errors.

That doesn’t bode well.

When a site can’t even take the time to proof read…well, that’s not something that we’re honestly ever going to be into. That’s just something that rubs us the wrong way.

Married Dating SCAM alert img

This whole site goes off on a horrible direction from there, primarily seeming to be dead except for a bunch of scammers that come in just about every single shape and size.

This means that you’re mostly going to end up being avoiding private investigators the whole time that you’re using this site, and if you ask us, that’s just no good.

It’s not a good sign.

When this site shows you that it doesn’t have that many members joining up recently, that’s not going to be something that we really feel is all that…encouraging.

We weren’t wrong to be paranoid, considering the whole point of this site just mostly seems to try and steal the money of a lot of different desperate men joining up.

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Get the facts and get to the Aussie Married Dating Sites that really work, tonight.

We aren’t into that, and we can’t imagine that you’ll be into that, either. It’s much better to just leave this one in the dust, and go to a site that’s actually going to help you meet women.

The Numbers Couldn’t Work Out

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our C-Date review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to women that we met online.

It was really bad.

From those 150 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 20 responses overall. This was just not good at all, and we were really not happy to see this happen.

From those 20 responses, not a single woman actually wanted to end up chatting us up about meeting in person, which really sealed the deal about how bad it all was.

This site just definitely dropped the ball, and this was the kind of thing that made us immediately want to leave. There’s nothing redeemable about a site that doesn’t work.

It’s just disappointing.

We were really hoping that this site would try to fix the fact that it had some serious issues over time, but instead, the more time we spent here was proof of how awful it was.

When a site can’t even get basic things right, that’s a huge detriment in our opinion. We found ourselves really just not happy, and definitely ready to leave it behind.

There’s no point if there aren’t women around. This site doesn’t seem to have much of them at all…and that’s the kind of thing that just makes us want to hightail it out.

These Features Sucked

Trying to think of anything nice to say about the C-Date online dating site is really difficult, and we’re honestly just relieved that it has nothing redeemable about it. It’s that bad.

It’s dead.

More than anything, this site is dead. The chances of finding new members other than a lot of desperate old men is really going to be slim, and that’s really just sad.

We found ourselves really having to avoid a lot of scammers on this site because of that. Because it’s so dead, there’s no way in hell that there’s any real monitoring.

That’s the kind of thing that makes us feel very awkward about using it, truth be told. We have a hard time dealing with this many scammers in one place; it’s just freaky.

There are a lot of private investigators.

Now, there are a few different kinds of scammers out there, but mostly what you’re going to find on this site are the worst kinds: private investigators, in high numbers.

This is the sort of thing that really does make us paranoid, and we were never happy about it. The moment that we started seeing those fake profiles, we weren’t pleased.

This is just the kind of thing that should make you turn around and leave immediately. There’s no point to it, and frankly, you’re just going to end up scammed for sure.

No Good News Around

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C-Date.com Drops the Ball as a Married Dating Site

We were really not happy about C-Date.com, and there’s honestly no way in hell that anyone should be. This is just really a horrible site, and we’re sure of that without a doubt.

Skip it.

This site has so many layout issues, spelling issues, and every other kind of issue that honestly, we can’t imagine any reason that you’d want to sign up in the first place.

If you do, however, you’ll quickly see how many scammers are in place here. It’s really not a safe site, and this is all on top of the issues that you’re already going to have.

That’s why it’s better to just skip this one and never end up touching it again with a ten foot pole. There’s nothing about it that’s going to end up being remotely redeemable.

You deserve better.

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